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Shades of Jamie Dornan Jamie Dornan: From underwear model to "Shades of Gray" star

Buckle up, please! At the sight of "Shades of Gray" starred actor Jamie Dornan, hardly a woman can sit quietly. Long before he was allowed to become the sadomasochistic millionaire Christian Gray, he was already thrilled as a male model. We show his hottest footage!

Shades of Jamie Dornan
Photo: PR / CK, Jamie Dornan / Instagram

The bad news in advance: Jamie Dornan is married since April 2013 with Amelia Warner and greeted in December 2013, his first child with her. The fact that he is permanently forgiven, however, should not prevent the female "Shades of Gray" fans around the world from turning him on the big screen into erotic dreams. The 31-year-old Nordire landed the coveted role of Christian Gray in the adaptation of the bestselling EL James, after the first confirmed candidate Charlie Hunnam had waived.

Ever since he landed the lead role in "Shades of Gray" in September 2013, Jamie Dornan has suddenly become a global star. He was previously known primarily as a male model for major labels such as Calvin Klein, Armani, Levi's or Hugo Boss. In movies, he ended up only minor roles, including in 2006 on the side of Kirsten Dunst in "Marie Antoinette" and in 2009 in the British drama "Shadows Of The Sun".

In the popular US series "Once Upon A Time" he was allowed to participate in nine episodes. He is currently seen in the thriller series "The Fall" on the side of Gillian Anderson. His private life circulated through the media when he was dating Keira Knightley from 2003 to 2005.

Jamie Dornan experienced fatherly luck and the Hollywood breakthrough in 2013

There's no question that he will make the big break in Hollywood with his role as Christian Gray in "Shades of Gray". Despite his young father's luck, he is busy turning to 2013 with his co-actress Dakota Johnson in Canada. We sweeten the time to the theatrical release with the sharpest shots from his modeling days!

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