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To gain an inflatable greenhouse!

Every autumn you have to laboriously transport potted plants into the cellar, garage or gardener? The GreenSafe Plus mobile greenhouse takes the work off your hands. Potted plants can now easily be stored outside in the new, inflatable greenhouse frost- and storm-proof. The flexible greenhouse can even be used all year round: in the spring, it serves as a cold frame (without soil) that optimally warms and protects young plants. Due to the large airspace and good insulation, it also offers ideal climatic conditions for tomato rearing. In addition, it can be used as a protective cover for the children's pool or sandbox, or as a garage for bicycles and equipment. More information about the inflatable greenhouse can be found at You want to win the inflatable greenhouse "GreenSafe Plus" (size M), worth 399 Euro? Then vote and tell us how you would most like to use your personal GreenSafe Plus.