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Knit blanket with gradient itself

The beautiful ceiling ennobles every living room
Photo: Gräfe and Unzer / Jochen Arndt

Fancy knitting

We absolutely must have this blanket with gradient! But they can not be bought, instead we knit them ourselves using this knitting pattern.

Finished size: 120 x 160 cm

What you need for the ceiling:

  • Alpaca willow yarn (90% alpaca, 5% merino wool, 5% polyamide, run length 140 m / 50 g), each 350 g in Petrol-Royal mottled (A) and raw white (D), 500 g each in midnight blue (B) and light gray mottled (C), eg Alta Moda Alpaka by Lana Grossa
  • Circular Needle No. 9

Here you will find complete knitting instructions for download!

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