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White furniture for more winter magic

On the silver platter: With white furniture such as the timeless Hussensofa you are always right! Thanks to its understated elegance, white leaves much room for decoration arrangements. In winter we love candlelight, silver shine and fabrics in trendy
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  1. Flair for snow white
  2. Three Wohnweisheiten
  3. That warms optically
  4. Care tips for white furniture

Flair for snow white

What pleases us outside also enchants us inside: Stylishly combined with wood and gray, some shine and fluffy fabrics, white is modern but cozy - and not at all frosty.

Three Wohnweisheiten

With these tips, the look with white furniture works best for you:

1. It's all about nuance: White is more colorful than you think - it goes from pure white to cream to gray-white. Use the whole pallet while mixing!

2. All in white: If you set yourself up tone on tone, bring contrasting materials
and structures like wood and cotton or metal and paint tension in the room.

3. Color effect: Adjust the walls to the lighting conditions of your apartment. Sunny rooms need cool shades, darker rather warm, creamy tones.

That warms optically

1. Wood tones: Brighter nuances in combination with white have a harmonizing effect, while darker ones emphasize the contrasts.

2. Gold Gloss brings a touch of glamor to the decor.

3. Fur and knitwear: Fluffy carpets, pillows or plaids are also visually pleasing.

Care tips for white furniture

In order to radiate white furniture permanently, wipe regularly with a damp cloth, for stubborn stains with glass cleaner. Strokes and streaks can be removed with the eraser, small scratches by touch-up pencil.