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Queen meets Duchess: Beyonce and Kate Middleton met

Royale Star meeting

A bigger internet sensation than Kim Kardashian's nude butt? When a queen meets a duchess, as long as the two ladies are Queen Bey and Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton meets Beyonce
Photo: Rebecca English / Twitter

Currently pregnant in New York, Kate Middleton met Beyoncé personally at a sporting event. In the local Barclay Stadium, where the royal couple watched a basketball game, the reigning rulers of the music scene - Queen Bey and Jay-Z - met.

Kate Middleton's pregnancy style shows the gallery!

Perhaps the two women exchanged baby tips as they shook hands and chatted animatedly, a Daily Mail reporter confirmed via a Twitter photo. Later, everyone sat comfortably in the bleachers, where Kate Middleton and Prince William generously share their popcorn with their personal secretary. From Star-Orüren the two still know nothing!

So big is the baby belly by Kate Middleton meanwhile!