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This six-year-old is dating his mother

So sweet: Lyle with his mother Nikkole
Photo: Facebook / Nikkole Paulun

The little Lyle should become a gentleman, so he regularly invites you to a date

Once a month, little Lyle (6) performs his mother. He pays himself and even tips. He holds the door for his mother and compliments her for a very good reason. Because his mother wants to make the little one a true gentleman and can therefore be invited by her six-year-old.

Mama Nikkole became known in the US reality show "16 and pregnant". She was a minor when her first son was born. In the meantime, the young mother is proud of her second child and can handle herself well without a husband. So that little Lyle still learns to treat a woman properly, Nikkole tries to teach him what a gentleman does. Cute!

Once a month my 6 year old son takes me out on a dinner date. He opens doors for me, pulls out my chair, talks about his ...

Posted by Nikkole Paulun on Friday, January 01, 2016

On Facebook, she writes: "Once a month, my six-year-old son takes me to a dinner date. He opens the doors for me, straightens my chair, talks about his day and asks me what my life was like. He pays the bill with the money he has earned through household chores and even tips the waitress or waiter. "

At the moment, it's still his mum who treats Lyle courteously and respectfully. In a few years, he hopes his mum will treat his sweetheart like that. Since Nikkole was maltreated in her youth, it is extremely important to her that Lyle learns from an early age to deal with women properly and with respect.

Despite the mass Likes harvested the young mother with her extraordinary education and criticism on the net. Her role relationship was old-fashioned and she would take away the pocket money from little Lyle. We see it in a very different way: Nikkole shows her son in real life how a respectful relationship between a man and a woman works. And the little one is sure to enjoy the exclusive Mommy-Time. And it goes without saying that Nikkole probably adds some money while eating.

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