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Birdhouse Deco

Simply cute: Small indoor birdhouses.
Photo: PR

Laura Creative Ideas

On balconies, in the garden or in the bouquet - these little houses hang everywhere well

That's in the set

It contains ten small clay pots, colorful leaflets, wooden beads, moss and raffia as well as a comprehensive crafting manual. To make ten deco birdhouses, you will need different craft colors, glue and orange paper remnants for the bird's beaks.

That is how it goes

Paint the pots with craft paint, and fold the sheets into roofs. From the pearls, the house dwellers are tinkered and glued on the pots, so it looks like a little bird looks out. How exactly this works is described in detail in the manual.

Here you get it

The craft kit "bird house" costs 9.95 euros. You can order it via the Prell Versand (, Tel .: 09 60/7 92 11 22).