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Dieter Pfaff: That's how he died

Dieter Pfaff, in a good mood as we know and love him.
Photo: Imago / Rainer Unkel

Now his doctor is talking

He fought so hard - and could not beat the cancer ...

When he closed his eyes forever, his beloved family was with him. That was what Dieter Pfaff († 65) had wished for.

His death has shaken many people as if they have lost a good friend. Especially because the great actor announced in February: "The cancer is gone. I will turn again ... "

But the damn lung cancer was stronger: "Dad fell asleep peacefully at 8 o'clock in the morning, " says daughter Johanna (33). Her voice sounds sad, but calm.

We also talked to Professor dr. Klaus Rabe, Chief Physician of the Lungs Clinic Großhansdorf (Schleswig-Holstein). He diagnosed the cancer with Dieter Pfaff, was his doctor. "I am very concerned and sad about his death, " said Professor Rabe. "He was an impressive, warmhearted and generous man."

But is it possible that cancer, which was supposed to have disappeared, can suddenly lead to death ? How did Dieter Pfaff really die?

Professor Rabe points out the treatment options in his clinic: "We are a lung cancer center where everything is done to help patients. Thanks to extensive diagnostics, we find out which treatment is suitable for which patient. So you can even heal many people. If they come in time! Unfortunately, patients often come to us very late, so the tumor has spread. Then the prognosis is very bad. "

Dieter Pfaff bravely took up the fight against cancer last year with chemo and radiation.

He wanted to go back to the camera - and most of all, he wanted so much to enjoy the wonderful life with his wife Eva Maria (64), his twins Johanna and Maximilian (33) and the little grandson.

The family was his one and only. Together they all lived in a multi-generation house in Hamburg.

Here, a few days before his death, the ambulance kept bringing Dieter Pfaff to the clinic. He was feeling very bad, but he did not want to stay there, but absolutely wanted to go home.

Back to his loved ones to be close to them as long as possible. The whole family was with him to the last breath and assured that he had fallen asleep peacefully.

Professor Rabe explains: "If it really ends, we offer our patients a holistic approach between care and palliative care so that they can walk dignified and human - and they will be with us."

Palliative care physicians are specially trained specialists who also come to the house. They help the terminally ill with treatments and medicines to be able to go through every phase of their dying without pain.

Dieter Pfaff did not have to suffer on his death night . His wife Eva Maria, daughter Johanna and son Maximilian sat by his bed hour after hour and held his hands. Their pain in the soul could not relieve anyone that night, because they had to say goodbye to a loved one over everything - forever ...

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