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In "People" Wolfgang Joop anticipates GNTM

In the exclusive PEOPLE interview Wolfgang Joop talks about his future plans.
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That's how the cult fashion designer plans his future

Wolfgang Joop speaks exclusively in PEOPLE about Heidi Klum, his plans and if he is also available for the next GNTM season.

That Wolfgang Joop and Heidi Klum do a show together - nobody would have expected that a few years ago! After all, the fashion designer used to lack good hair on the top model. Today, after he has already shot off the second season GNTM with the Model Mutti, Wolfgang Joop is a crowd pleaser of the show. Not only Heidi and the girls, but also the spectators love the fashion designer for his snappy tongue, his confident know-how and his big heart. But after the actual live finale had to be stopped because of a bomb threat and the tenth supermodel squadron was filmed in New York on the second try, we ask ourselves: how long does the 70-year-old make it? In an exclusive interview with the German PEOPLE magazine, Wolfgang Joop answers: What does he really think of Heidi Klum? Why does he think about leaving? And how does he plan his future?

"I do not know yet if I'll come back for a third round, but there's always so much in between for a person like me, " says Wolfgang Joop in the PEOPLE interview. What else could the designer make his decision dependent on? The many criticisms that struck down especially on the last season of the model show. "GNTM awakens extreme feelings in people, " says the designer. "When every Thursday there are tens of beautiful girls on TV, envy also plays a big role."

Heidi Klum also evokes a feeling for Wolfgang Joop with many viewers: "Heidi is one of the few world stars that we have here in Germany, which is far too little appreciated by the Germans."

On the other hand, who the German TV viewers appreciate very much: the fashion designer himself. With him, new momentum entered the television show, which we would not want to miss in the next season. Even if it is not known who next to Heidi Klum then sits on the jury, we know: Season 11 is coming. Whether without or (hopefully) with Wolfgang Joop.


The whole interview with Wolfgang Joop you read in the new PEOPLE, now in the trade!

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