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Romantic decoration ideaEasy sewing instructions for a cushion cover with herbal motif

You need that for the cushion cover:

Kr uterkissen with a difference: We'll close these pretty pillow cases immediately.
Photo: Deco & Style Experts
  • Herbal cotton "Aromatique" (45 x 110 cm),, 25, 95 € / m
  • matching sewing thread (department store)
  • Inner cushion
  • tape measure
  • Cloth scissors (department store)
  • pins
  • sewing machine

And that's how easy it is:

1. Cut strips of fabric measuring 45 x 110 cm.
2. Iron the two narrow sides 1 cm in each case two times inward and line the edges.
3. Overlay the fabric strip on the right side so that the fabric overlaps in the middle and creates a piece of 41 x 45 cm.
4. Fix open sides with pins and sew the edges together with a seam allowance of 2 cm.
5. Turn fabric over.
6. Insert filling pad through the opening.

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