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School Criticism: Her tweet makes Naina famous


Mega-discussion: student from Cologne triggers gigantic criticism wave

A young woman criticizes the German education system. The discussion about the tweet by Naina from Cologne makes it clear: Schools and parents are far too often overwhelmed with the education of our children.

A few characters, two sentences, quickly written on Twitter - and then a young woman from Cologne becomes famous. With her cynical tweet to the German education system, the 17-year-old Naina causes a sensation in the German media. In fact, everyone feels touched by their statement, "I'm almost 18 years old and have no idea about taxes, rent or insurance, but I can write a poetry analysis in 4 languages."

I'm almost 18 and have no idea about taxes, rent or insurance. But I can write a poetry analysis. In 4 languages.

- Naina (@nainablabla) January 10, 2015

While the big school discussion is raging on Facebook and Twitter, Naina is growing a bit over the top. "Can you please stop calling me Twitterstar? It's so weird, " she tweets shortly before her appearance on a TV show. But with her tweet she has addressed a burning topic.

Are our schools making our children truly viable? Will they learn what they need to become full and responsible members of our society?

Many too many people answer this question with no.

"The fact that our school system has long been ill should not have escaped anybody, and times have changed, parents have to work 10 hours to make a living ... often to make ends meet pensions, health insurance, tenancy law, tax return, labor law ... and ... and ... and, everything has changed and has thousands of clauses where no one has the perspective It would be time for our German For example, our reader Elisabeth Theilig writes on our Facebook page.

Cathy Meer agrees: "If you want to become a physicist, then you should teach him things like that during your studies." Many things are taught at school that you'll never need again later. "

Others hold against it, defend the German schools and teachers and point to the responsibility of the parents: "Well, I can not quite follow these expressions, we are talking about school and parents (and not just producers) As parents, I educate my children to independence and capable individuals.I can only say: If you take care of the school (there are subjects such as politics and social science) is roughly prepared at school Maybe you should take the phone away and look for the interview more often.I have often sat with my children in the kitchen at the table and discussed politics, etc. and lo and behold: You are able to independently a car The foundations of life are always provided by the parents and not the teachers, "says Monika Ostwald.

But no matter who is guilty, one thing is for sure: Our children often do not learn what they need to survive in their lives without being exploited on every corner or overwhelmed by their parents. There is an urgent need to improve schools and to expand the offer of education to include practical life subjects.

How do I write an application? What do I have to look out for in a rental agreement? Which insurance do I need and what may this cost? Far too many parents do not have enough time to teach their children such knowledge, because they are too busy earning money - or they have never received the appropriate knowledge themselves.

We need to wake up, and preferably, quickly. Our children need more knowledge than what they have received in our schools so far! Politicians would be well advised to act on this storm of indignation in a timely manner with deeds. "If they want to know something like that, they can google it afterwards", but that must not be the answer.

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