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Frauke Ludowig: Your life between the red carpet and the laundry room

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In the "Schöne Woche" interview

In the interview, the star presenter talks about mishaps, Ehekrach and her extraordinary passion.

Frauke Ludowig knows his way around the world of stars and starlets! In her first Saturday night show celebrities, mishaps and scandals, presenter Frauke Ludowig (50) looks back on 20 years Exclusiv - Das Star-Magazin. In conversation with SchöWo editor Bettina Leyer she talks about mishaps, Ehekrach and her extraordinary passion ...

What mishap is still in your memory?
I remember a story with ex-boxer Axel Schulz. I almost fell in the interview, he just caught me up. Another time a fly was crawling over my face, I could not drive it away. These are things that you do not want for a live broadcast, but they happen again and again.

20 years Exclusive - what has changed for you?
Through my daughters Nele (11) and Nike (9) my life has turned completely. I used to stay in the office often after work. Today I drive home fast to eat with my loved ones. The priorities have shifted.

What do you attach special importance to?
That the family meets for dinner together. And of course I dedicate my free time and the holidays to my loved ones. We also have fixed rituals with the children on weekends. I think it's important to have enough time to cuddle, talk and play together.

What do joint ventures look like?
That is different. When my older daughter last wrote a good grade, I gave her a card for the Let's Dance show. That was a nice mother-daughter evening. On Saturday we were all at home, cuddled and cleaned up. Housework also belongs to the common quality time. I do not have a cleaning lady. It is important to me that the children learn this and not everything is taken for granted. On Sunday we were in the circus and then eat. The main thing is to do something together.

Occupation, Family AND Household!
Yes, there is not much time left for me. I'm a huge fan of massages, would like to do that for me more often. But right now that's not possible. That's just how it is. And I know: If my daughters are bigger, I will have more time for myself again.
You would have more time if you would take a cleaning lady?
Yes, but I do not want to hand over the budget. I love to do laundry. My husband says jokingly: Are you back in your room - he means the laundry room. I love everything that has to do with laundry: sorting laundry and tidying my wardrobe and the children's clothes at the weekend.

An extraordinary passion ...
Maybe, but I think that's wonderful. In contrast, I'm not an ironing fan. And while I'm doing the household, my husband cooks something delicious. He can definitely cook better than me. He has to get on the weekend.
You are married for 11 years. How do you manage to keep love young?
We got to know each other relatively late and know what we have in common. Still, my husband and I are very opposite people. It's already cracking. But it's fine anyway. We never get bored.