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"Big Brother" fight also without Supertranse Valencia alias Florian Stöhr

The girls in the "Big Brother" house drive out the claws



This is the drama - the tears flowed down Jordan's cheeks in a huge torrent. After sorceress Valencia Vintage alias Florian Stöhr has moved out of the "Big Brother" house, the other girls allied themselves against the bosom wonder. The boys were busy with a sexy photo shoot yesterday, but Lisa, Ingrid and Jasmin took the time to really get around Jordan. Bitch wars and howling cramps Lisa is seized: "The fact that she nominated me does not bother me. But the reason, I would not treat anyone, because I'm not on it! "Ingrid was totally angry, because Jordan suddenly gives the sexy girl:" If you know that your ass is in the picture, you show him! And with your eternal 'I polarize' - I could have puked. "Yasmin held back, but the drama took its course. Jordan's nerves were blank and the lacrimal gland had to work overtime. Even when Daggy tried to settle the cat fight, Ingrid did not let up. But that was too much. Jordan became defiant and slammed her a return coach: "I'd rather go as a bitch than stay as a complete idiot. I somehow realized that you did not like it so much that I'm back. "Very cryptic - is the blonde bosom star or does Jordan get fed up? We are curious how the "Big Brother" starlet decides

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