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Semino Rossi: It really is that bad about him

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Music is his life: Semino Rossi (48) means standing on stage and making people happy with his songs. His fans love him for it - but now they are in great concern: According to rumors, the artist had to be admitted to the Tyrolean state hospital in Innsbruck after a fainting spell. Shortly thereafter, he canceled all scheduled concerts until the end of May. What is going on there?

Is he really recovering so fast? We heard each other and learned: The singer Semino Rossi has lost dramatically in the last eight weeks, lost 20 kilos. The consequence of a strict diet he imposed on himself: food combining, low carbohydrates, lots of exercise. In addition the professional tension: Semino worked on his new album, planned a big tour. Anyone who knows him knows that he always gives 100 percent. But this stress can put a strain on a body ... Friends scare too, when they see Semino Rossi: He is clearly emaciated and his lively, Argentinian style is no longer felt. But what is wrong with him? On his website is from a viral infection of the breast and the Semino Rossi must now spare, must not be overstretched to read vocal cords. His manager Franz Selb explains in more detail: "Semino Rossi has to recover in May and regain his strength. We hope that on the 3rd of June he will be able to take off again with his great new album and also be back on stage. His family now cares intensely about him. We are all there for him. "

Serious words that show that it really is not good for Semino. And raise the question of whether the singer can actually recover in a few weeks ... The physician Dr. Wolfgang Funk, a fatigue specialist (also known as " burnout "), says: "For every singer who wants to perform at their best, the disturbed balance of power and health through the viral infection of the vocal cords can quickly become a physical one and lead to mental breakdown. I advise Semino Rossi to spare himself now. " Semino Rossis has a greeting to all readers We managed to speak directly to Semino Rossi and heard: Thank God he does not let the courage go down. And he has a short greeting for the readers. Semino Rossi brave: "Beloved, do not worry, I'll be back soon!"

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