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Knit Knitting Pillow: How to knit a decorative cuddly pillow

Knitting pillows: With our article you can knit a cuddly pillow for your home.

Do you like cushions? The instructions can be found below
Photo: Naumann & Göbel

What should not be missing on the sofa? Right, a sofa cushion! Cuddly pillows make evenings on the sofa really cozy. So that you too can relax, here is the guide for a self-made pillow for you.


  • 200 g knitting wool each in light gray and petrol (80% merino wool, 20% acrylic, LL 64 m / 200 g)
  • Each 42 x 100 cm cotton fabric in mustard yellow and white
  • 2 inner cushions, 40 x 40 cm
  • sewing needle
  • Sewing thread in light gray and petrol
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • French chalk
  • pins


ARMSTRICK-TECHNIK: see basic instructions

NOTE: The wool is processed twice. To unroll each ball, fold the thread in the middle and wind it up with 2 threads. Cast on 10 sts with the armstring technique and knit 14 rows. Bind off the sts. Cut the work thread 20 cm and pass through the last M and tighten. The result is a solid knot that forms the corner. Pull remaining thread through the Abbot M and sew. TIP: If the front and back are knitted, increase the R number to 29 R per pillow. Lay the knitted part around the covered inner cushion and close the 3 open edges. Finish Cut the cotton fabric 42 x 100 cm for the fabric cover and sew in a zigzag stitch.

Flip the short edges 2 cm, iron and stitch. Apply marks along the long edges after 28 cm and 68 cm from the upper edge with tailor's chalk. Lay the fabric upside down and fold the short edges to the mark. In the middle area, there are now 3 fabric layers on top of each other, creating a rectangle of 40 x 42 cm (sticking pad). Fix the side edges with pins, then stitch with 1 cm seam allowance. Caution: at the beginning and end of the seam, sewing over the fabric and sewing the thread well will form beautiful corners. At the corners just at the seam, cut the fabric diagonally. Turn the cushion cover over, fold out the corners and insert the inner cushion. Sew a mustard yellow and white cover in this way. Finally place the gray knitwear on the mustard-yellow pillow and the petrol-colored knitwear on the white pillow. The knitted parts should project towards the back at all edges. Gently sew all four edges to the outer cushion edges

Click here to download the manual.