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Size 36/38 and 40/42

The figures for size 40/42 are in brackets. If only one statement is made, this applies to both sizes.

Photo: Lana Grossa / Nicolas Olonetzky


  • Lana Grossa Estremo (60% Wool, 40% Acrylic, Running Length 41 m / 100 g), 900 (1000) g Jeans (Fb 9)
  • Knitting needles No. 12 and 15, each 1 circular needles No. 9 and 12, 40 cm long

Rib pattern: 1 st, 1 ml alternately.

Basic pattern in rows: M number divisible by 2 + 1 + margins. See Knitting Chart 1. There are back and forth drawn. The M are shown as they are knitted. The 1st - 8th R always wdh.

Basic pattern in rounds: M number divisible by 2. See Knitting Chart 2. Each round is drawn. The M are shown as they are knitted. The 1st - 8th Rd always wdh.

Patentrand: Hinr: 1st and 2nd M and the last 2 M as to the left. Depend on, while the lead back and tighten firmly. Back: 1st and 2nd sts and the last 2 sts.

Stitch sample : Basic pattern with needles No. 15: 7 M and 8 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Back piece : Cast on 37 (41) sts with needles no. 12 and work 8 cm in rib pattern. With needles no. 15 in the basic pattern in rows weiter: Randm, 16 (18) x the repeat wdh., Acc. To Strickschrift 1 ends, marg. From 42 cm total height beids. 2 M Patentrand str. and after or before the 2 M patents margin for the Armausschnittschräge 1 x 1 M bid. first, then 2 x 1 sts in every 4th row, and in the next row 6. R 1 x 1 sts both. initially. = 45 (49) sts. The increased sts in the basic pattern st. In 68 cm total height for the shoulder slope 1 x 4 (5) M beids. abk., then in every 2nd R 2 x 5 sts (1 x 5 sts and 1 x 6 sts) both. Cast off. Simultaneously with the beginning of the 1st shoulder decrease for the neckline the mean. Cast off 13 sts. and then cast off 1 x 2 sts in the following row.

Front: Basically like the back arb., But in 65 cm total height for the neckline the average. Cast off 13 sts, then dec 1 st in every other row. The shoulder slope as in the back arb.

Finish: Tighten, moisten and dry parts. Close shoulder seams. From the neckline, take 46 sts. With the circular knitting needle No. 9 ribbed 6 rounds str. Then continue with circular needle No. 12 in basic pattern in Rd, making sure that the front of the pattern is formed on the inner side of the collar. After 24 Rd M loose loose. Collar height = 30 cm. Close side seams, both for the armholes. each 26 cm open.

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