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So romantic: lanterns to the garden party

The jam jars with colorful candles are now lanterns. Decorate with pearls and the decoration is ready for the summer party.

Photo: deco & style

That's what you need for the lanterns:

  • Rocailles 4, 5 mm (craft shop, about 2 Euro)
  • Round bead 6 mm (craft shop, piece about 0.10 Euro)
  • Deco wire in silver (craft shop)
  • empty jam jars
  • Round tongs (craft shop, about 6 euros)

And that's how easy it is:

1. Thread different beads on wire and wrap them around the jam jars. Twist wire ends tightly together.

2. Thread beads onto short pieces of wire for the tassels and fasten them to the chain.

3. Hang glasses with wire in a tree.