Recommended, 2022

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Tablecloth with printed windmills

2 hours

  • Foam rubber (about A4 large, craft shop)
  • pen
  • Small wooden plate of approx.
      1 cm thickness (slightly larger than the template;
    • Superglue (hardware store)
    • Tablecloth (department store)
    • Little paint roller (hardware store)
    • Textile paint in blue
    • possibly cloth leftovers
    • dark blue satin ribbon (craft shop)
    • Small, pointed scissors

    1. Mark windmill contours with ballpoint pen on sponge rubber and cut with small scissors. The little cross is also made.

    2. Stick both to the wooden board as parallel to the edge as possible, so that a stamp is created.

    3. Spread the tablecloth flat and put something under it to protect the underlay, eg. B. a piece of cardboard.

    4. Color the stamp in blue using the paint roller. Possibly. Do a test print on a piece of cloth to get a feel for the amount of paint.

    5. Stamp the blanket all around the edge with windmills and cross. Let the paint dry well.

    6. The blue satin ribbon is sewn on with the sewing machine. Just sew along at the middle of the tape.