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Trendy knitting instructionsMagdalena Neuner: How to knit cuddly socks with dots and checks

Knitting like the stars: athlete Magdalena Neuner shows us what we can do magic from wool and yarn and gives us her favorite instructions.

Sooo comfortable: we do not want to take off our knit socks anymore!
Photo: Grafe and Unzer / Photographer: Patrick Wittmann

Knitting is very much in vogue: Magdalena Neuner, who shows us here what we can do with knitting needles. The result: instructions for fashionable parts that we do not want to take off again! If you also feel like getting creative now, simply print out our instructions for the socks with points and checks and go!

Socks with dots and checks
MATERIAL Lana Grossa quality "Meilenweit" (70% wool, 25% polyamide, 5% cashmere, run length 210 m / 50 g): 100 g dark gray mottled 50 g petrol, 50 g camel | Needle no. 3 | blunt darning needle | Auxiliary needle to shut down

SIZE 38/39
Smooth right
Knit right sts (round sts) in rounds (Rd).
rib pattern
1 st, 1 ml in alternation.
Double stitch
Put the thread in front of the work, from right to left, cut in the 1st st, lift off the M and the thread and pull the thread backwards. The M is pulled over the needle and is now double. If the thread is not tightened enough, so later show unsightly holes in the fabric! swatch

Smooth with needles No. 3:
28 M x ​​40 R = 10 x 10 cm.
1. Beat 60 M with petrol, then spread these M evenly
4 needles (= 15 sts per needle) and close them to the round. The end of the thread (= round change) lies in the back center, ie between the 1st and 4th needle. Knit 3 cm (= 12 rounds) in a rib pattern. Then work the knitting pattern R 1-27 once and R 5-21 once, then work R 5-9 while doing the repeat 15 times.
2. Work another 4 R in dark gray, then start Jojo-heel (see page 77-78, step 2).
3. The foot is again worked smoothly in rounds. After approx. 14 cm of foot length from the middle of the heel, work rows 7-9 of the one-knit pattern again and repeat 2 more times after another 6 rounds. After a total of about 20 cm foot length (measured from the rear heel edge) start with the tip. 4. Knit all sts in stocking sts. The acceptances after step 4 on page 79 work.

Click here to download the instructions .

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