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Princess Elisabeth: trip with dad

Princess Elisabeth with father Philippe.
Photo: AFP / Getty Images

Prince Philippe in education

Admittedly, Princess Elisabeth, 11, looked a little bored as she embarked on an interactive journey to the polar region with her father, Crown Prince Philippe of Belgium, 53 years old.

This may have something to do with the fact that this was an exhibition visit, which of course was meant to be of an educational nature. It is therefore not surprising that a young lady is less interested in it than at the boutique around the corner.

Papa Philippe, however, had taken precautions: the school friends of Princess Elisabeth, who were supposed to make the "educational visit" a fun experience, were also part of the party. And so Elisabeth and her friends got to know all about the polar region, in which since 2009 even a Princess Elisabeth station, a polar research station, can be found.

Reason enough for the eldest daughter of Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde (40) to keep up to date. It does not make it any more exciting for an 11-year-old ...

But: As a future crown princess you have to go through it and she was brave and listened attentively. Philippe will have made that proud. His "big one" will follow in his footsteps one day and so far dad can not complain. And who, as the crown prince, guards a horde of young girls on a trip, actually earns a medal for special Papadienste ...