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Mom Life ": Which mother can not be found here?

The photo project "Mom Life" by Anna Angenend shows the life of a mother
Photo: Anna Angenend Photography

The photo project "Mom Life" by the photographer Anna Angenend is funny - and somehow true

The life as a young mother of a two-year-old daughter can be really exhausting - but also weirdly funny. At least in the photo project "Mom Life".

"Mamaaaaaa, do you paint with miiiiiirrrrrr?" - "Yes, yes, the same ... Mom is just drinking her coffee ..." - "No NOW, Mamaaaaa!"

Kids are great. We love her. But man ... they can be so exhausting!

This is also known by the 23-year-old photographer Anna Angenend. The American has created the photo project "Mom Life", in which she portrays the life as mother of a two-year-old with great humor.

Granted, she may exaggerate a bit from time to time, but she's still right anyway.

The young photographer gets support from "Mom Life" from her husband and daughter Mia. Because in the pictures, the photographer herself is always to be seen with her family. So she was able to combine two of her greatest passions: photography (which she has not been able to pursue all day since her motherhood) and her family. And little Mia makes working as a model visibly fun!

The project "Mom Life" is far from over. On her website and on her Facebook profile, Anna Angenend repeatedly publishes new pictures from the chaotic life of a young mother. Really funny and worth seeing.

Here are a few of our favorite motifs from "Mom Life":

Photo: Anna Angenend Photo: Anna Angenend Photo: Anna Angenend Photo: Anna Angenend Photo: Anna Angenend Photo: Anna Angenend Photo: Anna Angenend