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Letter Bracelets: The New Statement Jewelry

Bracelets with letter beads in gold-plated brass from Ellisue x WALD, about, each about 18 euros.

"A" like "Attention, these bracelets want to have them all now!"

Do you know the letter bracelets of yesteryear? Good news: The pretty statements with DIY charm are finally back and celebrate their comeback on the arms of many fashion girls.

Statement jewelery - that meant in recent seasons above all eye-catching necklaces, opulent earrings or XL cocktail rings. Now the statement is a bit smaller, but by no means less hip. Because the trend term may now be taken literally, even literally!

Alphabet beads that make words like "Happy", "Berlin", "Lover" or personal DIY station wigs now adorn the arms of trend-conscious fashion girls.

Whether the second-hand professionals from Shemonster Vintage, celebrity lady Sky Ferreira, Nike from the blog This Is Jane Wayne or the Berlin girls from the forest shop - they all already wear letter bracelets . In the forest you can buy the ribbon in the self-made look even in the chic version. Together with Ellisue, they have designed pretty letter bracelets and now offer them exclusively in their own store and in the online shop .