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Best friend: how to solve problems

The relationship with the best friend is a very special one.
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  2. My best friend has a new friend
  3. My best friend always wants to talk about her own problems
  4. My best friend is jealous
  5. My best friend moves to another city

Friendship Guides

She knows all our secrets and little embarrassments: the best friend . And just because she is the person we like the way we really are, it pays to put a lot of time and effort into this special relationship - even if it's not that easy. We explain how to solve problems with the best friend .

My best friend has a new friend

Gone are the evenings in front of the TV and the dancing nights. She has a new one now - and that scares you. Absolutely okay, because it will actually change a lot. But that does not mean that your friendship suffers. Describe your fears and try to make a joint weekly meeting (for two!) In which you take time for each other.

My best friend always wants to talk about her own problems

You feel like you've been fat "grief box" on your forehead? Her friend does not mean it's evil - maybe she's just not doing well right now. That's why you do not have to feel compelled to listen to a half-hour jamming aria for every little problem. The next time she complains about her fucked up love life, it's best to counter with some humor and make it clear to her friend that she's not the only one with problems.

My best friend is jealous

With you, it's going great - in the job, in love, even financially it looks great. But do you feel that your girlfriend is a little bit upset? First of all, you should not be ashamed of the fact that you are doing just fine and some jealousy in a friendship is also natural. After all, you compare yourself with almost no one as much as with your best friend. For example, you can solve the problem by alerting your girlfriend to the finer things in her life: compliment her on the beautiful new dress and enjoy her when the boss praises her.

My best friend moves to another city

Yes, you probably will not be able to spend as much time with each other as you did before, but that's not the end of the world. Who creates common rituals, such as a weekly Skype Date, continues to ensure closeness. Above all, it is important to show interest in the lives of others, including new colleagues and friends. Maybe you can even pull something positive out of the situation for yourself. Be more open to other acquaintances and try new things.

Small issues with your best friend are part of it - see it as a way to strengthen your relationship and grow further together. For those who stay close even in difficult times will be rewarded with a friendship for life!

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