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Prince Harry: Naked images officially endorsed by Kinghouse

The Queen will not enjoy that: At a party in Las Vegas, Prince Harry was completely naked and thus caused a veritable scandal.
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Harmless party fun?

Queen Elizabeth (86) had imagined her holiday in Scotland more contemplative. First the concern for her husband Prince Philip (91), who had to be treated for a bladder infection in a clinic, and now the vortex of Prince Harry (27). Your grandson has done something that was considered a no-go at the Windsors in the 60th anniversary of the Queen's throne - a massive scandal!

During his short trip to Las Vegas, the redhead indulged not only substantial drinks, but also extravagant party fun in the hotel room, in which all cases fell.

In the process, new means of communication make it possible for anyone today to become an eyewitness of scenes that were only whispered in the past. Photos, taken with a cell phone camera, circulate on Hollywood's gossip platform TMZ on the net. They show Harry without anything in front of a young lady who still has a touch of panties.

Meanwhile, according to London media reports, Clarence House has confirmed that the depicted gentleman is actually Prince Harry . This enlightenment was not really necessary, because the recordings are so good that you easily recognize the Windsor scion in his Adam costume.

Why the prince, however, was naked, is not said by the palace, is complained in a German Internet source. The answer is quite simple: he is naked because he did not wear anything. Only why did not Harry have anything? He allegedly played strip-billiards, an entertainment game that is not well known in our latitudes. We're more likely to talk about strip poker or spin the bottle when there are moral barriers and final shells in an intimate round.

Whether the whole affair is now reprehensible, or whether you can dismiss it as a casual joke-prank, everyone decides for themselves. Nevertheless, for a prince of a functioning monarchy, to which the title "Royal Highness" is entitled, the moral bar is certainly higher than for ordinary citizens.

Prince Harry, who is supposed to be back in London in the meantime, will have to listen to a lot, because one thing is clear, the Queen is not amused about such scenes - whether throne jubilee or not.

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