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A fairy tale book for parents of star children

Julia Starp happily shows her beautiful fairy tale book for adults: Fairy Tale Heroes.
Photo: Mirca Waldhecker
  1. GZSZ performer and designer Julia Starp help parents of star children
  2. The models wear the fairytale dresses of Julia Starp
  3. Many actors from GZSZ were there
  4. Joe Gerner plays the beast
  5. The proceeds go to the Association for Orphaned Parents
  6. Much work, effort and imagination

GZSZ performer and designer Julia Starp help parents of star children

A close friend of Julia Starp has experienced the worst that can happen to a young woman. She lost her baby. Julia wants to help her friend with a storybook. There are many GZSZ actors in it.

The sadness after the loss of a child is so difficult, too often the orphaned parents sink into the darkness after the death of the beloved being. They can not find their way back to normal life, can not laugh or hope anymore. Every day is an infinitely difficult fight.

Julia Starp wanted her friend and her husband out of mourning and decided to dedicate a storybook to them - and to donate the proceeds to the Orphaned Parents Club. Like many other mourning parents, Julia's friends found and find patient help and support on the path of mourning.

The models wear the fairytale dresses of Julia Starp

The storybook by Julia Starp recounts the beloved fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen: with spectacular new photos featuring dresses designed by Julia. Julia Starp is a young fashion designer from Hamburg.

"Even when I was little, my parents always read to me fairy tales, so I really wanted to create a fairy tale book myself, " she reported on Monday at the official book presentation in the Hamburg Levante House. "With my storybook adults should be able to dream again, because we all do not enough."

Many actors from GZSZ were there

For example, the modern Schneeweißchen and Rosenrot, depicted by Maike von Bremen (formerly GZSZ), Uta Kargel (formerly GZSZ & Sturm der Liebe) and Christian David Gebert, known from Anna and Liebe.

Photo: Jorinde Gersina

Joe Gerner plays the beast

The actor Wolfgang Bahro, known as Joe Gerner from GZSZ, slipped for the fairy tale book in the role of the nasty beast that his beautiful (Jacqueline Köster) will not let go.

Wolfgang Bahro says about the fairy tale book: "No child should die before his parents! In my view, that would be the most terrible thing that can happen to parents. As a father, I can relate very well to the feelings of people who have lost their children and are threatened with despair. With this fairytale project, we may perhaps give these mothers and fathers some hope and comfort. That's why I'm here! "

Photo: Desiree Buchwald / Getty Images

The proceeds go to the Association for Orphaned Parents

Julia will donate a large part of the proceeds from the sale of the fairy tale book - to the Association for Orphaned Parents and Siblings. This nationwide active club was founded by two women who lost their own children. "We organize, for example, the funeral of star children or help the mourning parents in discussion groups, " said Bärbel Friedrich, the first chairman of the association.

She and her colleague Ilona Stegen were deeply touched by Julia's action. "All our work is only possible through donations and we also receive many donations. But we have never experienced such a great action for our orphaned parents. "

Sarah Tkotsch posed for the fairy tale of the golden key. Sarah plays in the TV series "in all friendship" the nurse "Julia White".

Photo: Bernd Brundert

Much work, effort and imagination

The Fairy Tale Heroes storybook could only come about because for over a year all the celebrities, many photographers, models and entrepreneurs have supported the production without a fee. The expensive printing of the book was made possible through a crowd-funding campaign. Julia was able to collect more than 10, 000 euros for her action.

If you also want to support the beautiful idea of ​​Julia and all the mourning parents on their way back to life, you can order the fairy tale book here or find out more about how it can help the Orphaned Parents and Siblings Association.

Finally, here's one of the most beautiful pictures in the Fairy Tale Heroes storybook: the fairy tale of Mrs. Holle, portrayed by Nena's daughter, Larissa Kerner, and Mary Suberg, photographed by Desiree Buchwald.

More information about the project: Fairy Tale Heroes on Facebook.

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