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Oreo in the bacon coat: The craziest Oreo recipe ever

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Oreo recipe

We all agree: This Oreo recipe is the craziest we've ever seen. Creamy Oreo biscuits, wrapped in a crispy coat of bacon - a special culinary treat!

We love Oreo cookies. And because we can not get enough of the little delicacies, we turn them into many delicacies - an Oreo cake, an Oreo Nutella milkshake and an Oreo bacon bite. In an Oreo bacon bite? Yes, exactly - first salty, then sweet.

Where did we find this crazy Oreo recipe ? On the at least as crazy food blog 'Oh, bite it!'. And this is how it works: wrap an Oreo biscuit with bacon, fix it with a toothpick and fry in fat. Crunchy-crispy and creamy-soft!

Appetizer or dessert? We do not care! We enjoy the crisp, slightly melted Oreo Bacon duo whenever we want - after getting up, at bedtime or as a snack in between. This Oreo recipe proves: Opposites attract!

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