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NASA images: Mysterious images of Mars

In this picture of Mars, UFO fans believe they have spotted a woman.
Photo: NASA

An optical illusion or proof of "life" on Mars?

Can you recognize her? In these pictures of the Marsrovers Curiosity, people believe they recognize a woman. But is someone actually walking across Mars here?

The Rover Curiosity has been on Mars for three years and sends daily shots to NASA's research department. Here are some interesting pictures have come about, where UFU fans believe they recognize the unusual.

Recently, it was the first image seen here, which caused a stir and a stir. On closer inspection, it looks as if a woman in a long dress and with flowing hair Curiosity watching at work. However, this impression only arises if you look at the picture for a long time and really close up very close. On the original image, which was published by NASA itself, the 'ghost woman' is barely recognizable. We all agree that this is no proof that there is life on Mars. But the question remains, how does this phenomenon creep into our brain?

After all, the image of the woman who is observing the Mars rover at work from a ledge is not the only NASA photograph of Mars in which the most astonishing thing was discovered. As early as May of this year, one could see on the photo below the tip of a pyramid buried under sand and rocks. However, the likelihood that someone actually bothered to build a pyramid on Mars is really slim. But why does our eye perceive such things?

In fact, both the mysterious woman and the pyramid fall into the category of optical illusions. Our brain tends to recognize things to make it easier to process information. So sometimes we also believe in familiarity in patterns or images, although none of them really exists. This phenomenon is also called 'pareidolia'. In truth, we are dealing only with illusions created by our brains.

But the viewing of the pictures is still fun. After all, even today we sometimes say, "This cloud looks like ...", even though we know that we are dealing only with one particular form of air ...

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