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Maritime table decoration: That's what summer tastes like

Beach mermaids and fur seals beware: This decoration makes you want to sea!
Photo: deco & style

There are holiday feelings

With fish, meat and vegetables from the grill and maritime decoration we feel at home as well as by the sea. And invite friends to relax and enjoy.

It's finally here again. The sun is shining, the temperatures are getting warmer, and we want to spend the whole day outdoors. Most of all, of course, by the sea. Since this is not always possible, we simply bring the sea to our home with the right decoration.

Elaborate table decoration - the time is too bad. How to make lightning fast for ambience: fan corals under the plates and decorate the board with shells, driftwood, sea urchins and Tillandsien.

Fan coral, sea urchins, shells, driftwood from about 3 €, fish cutlery "cruciate ligament Septfontaines", about 50 €, Villeroy & Boch

For shell seeker

What do you do with all the shells that you have collected? You also have a bag with the flotsam in the closet, right? Well cleaned and labeled, they serve as name tags on the laid table.

Captain's dinner

Ahoy, the pleasure tour can begin. Simply label a large paper bag for the menu card and put a bread in it.

Fishing net for about 8 €,

Fresh catch

Not only vegetarians will like this idea: Simply cut out Fischlis from slices of bread with small fish-shaped cookie cutters.

So refreshing

Water with mint and lemon is a summery alternative to lemonade and homemade very quickly.

Rattan coffee table, approx. 399 €, HK Living rug 80% polyester and 20% viscose, approx. 60 x 90 cm, approx. 23 €, Zara Home Tray made of zinc, 36 x 23 cm, approx. 19 €, Barefoot Living glass carafe "Water Bar", about 17 €, Rivièra Maison vase for about 20 €, the laundry

For guests

Always at hand: put towels rolled up in baskets and put them on the terrace.

Big basket for about 18 €, the laundry, small basket in a set of 2, about 165 €, Bloomingville