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Integrate fireplace in a wall unit

This is what true tailor-made work looks like: If shelves and living-room walls are to be adapted to the existing space, sophisticated systems are needed that can do it all.

The problem

How can a fireplace be harmoniously integrated into a wall unit?

The solution

Good from experience: this versatile furniture system, which has proven itself for around 25 years. With its cabinet, shelf and display cabinet elements, it encloses the fireplace conversion in this room, creating a cozy wall with plenty of space. Open shelves alternate with satined glass doors and lacquered fronts. To fully utilize the existing wall surface, 60 and 40 cm wide cabinet elements were combined. The candle fireplace is 120 cm wide, the open shelves above also - that contributes to the harmonious overall impression. Likewise the symmetrical division of the timeless cabinet wall.

Floating lightness

This 240 cm wide sideboard looks like a single piece of furniture, in fact it is composed of three drawer elements. They belong to the same flexible furniture system as the wall unit. Because it is wall-hung, it seems particularly light.

Three at once

The cabinet, shelf and display cabinet elements can be beautifully combined.

Manufacturer: Cabinet wall system "Spectrum": Hülsta. Sofa "Ektorp", 88 x 175 x 88 cm, height 45 cm, approx. 410 euros, chaise longue "Ektorp", 87 x 163 x 86 cm, approx. 340 euros: Ikea. Coffee table "Crash", approx. 19 x 113 x 108 cm, approx. 1265 Euro: Ligne Roset. Floor lamp "Para", table lamp "Lu": Anta. Carpet "Lina", 200 x 250 cm, approx. 323 Euro / sqm: WK Wohnen. Solid wood flooring (oak) "Viva Antica": Joka. Curtains: Ado. Faltrollos, curtain rods: MHZ. Blanket, Pillows: Nobile Living. Vases (on table, purple on the shelf), glasses: House of Fitz. Image: Thomas Tannenberg. Etagere "Babel": The laundry.

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