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Kristen Stewart shows the world annoyed both middle finger

Kristen Stewart rested on meeting the paparazzi

Kristen Stewart / ©

Kristen Stewart is completely exhausted following the breakup with Robert Pattinson and could no longer control himself when the paparazzi hit her. For days Kristen Stewart did not leave the house after Robert Pattinson had left her from one moment to the next. The first time she ventured out to be comforted by Taylor Swift, she did not seem to be helping anger and despair. Last Wednesday, she was seen again, along with friends, with whom she had a relaxing day thought to spend. Sure, the photographers lurked nearby, but while the "Twilight" actress really should have been used to, nerves now went through with her. Does Kristen Stewart see himself in the victim role? Looking fuzzy, she did not drive one, but both middle fingers when she was asked by the paparazzi about the condition of their relationship. Kristen Stewart is said to feel depressed after the break-up, but was completely responsible for the renewed love crisis when she contacted Rupert Sanders about shooting the sequel to "Snow White". Is she playing the angry victim of misery? SE