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Expert: Taylor Swift's silicone implants in the bosom are visible

Plastic surgeons saw proof of Taylor Swift's breast augmentation

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Taylor Swift's revealing and extremely deep decollated looks during the "People's Choice Awards" as well as the "Golden Globes" once again raised the question of whether she had a good reason to proudly show off her breasts. The should not be found only in an etching action in the direction of Harry Styles, but rather in the fact that the 23-year-old finds her new breasts just really great. Already months ago, the suspicion arose, the country slug would have To enlarge your breasts, now plastic surgeons want to have the proof discovered. Medical expert Michael Fiorillo told the magazine "InTouch" publicly that he thought she had increased from A to B baskets. "You can see the implants, " he continued. Taylor Swift Already Written a Separation Song for Harry Styles Whether Harry Styles remains a gentleman and keeps Taylor's secret, or will he come out as soon as he receives his musical reckoning from her? An insider told the Sun, "Taylor writes music in the same way other women talk to their girlfriends over the phone. This is how she deals with her feelings most of her life. "The source also confirmed that Taylor Swift had already written a lyrics to Harry Styles, but she is still considering whether to release the song. SE