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The style of Katy Perry

Star Styles at Check: Katy Perry

From the inconspicuous pastor's daughter to the vamp: Katy Perry provokes with her songs and shines with her style. We took a closer look at the latter and show their fashion hits.

Katy Perry knows how to land a hit: Since her provocative song "I Kissed a Girl", she is no longer indispensable to the charts. How to style the most striking, the singer has now also found out. However, there were some difficulties both musically and fashionably.

In 2001 she released her first album of Christian music under her real name Katy Hudson - as befits a pastor's daughter. The commercial success was missing. There was also no sign of fashion style: in 2004, she showed herself in satin pants and babydoll top. When it came to make-up, she had not discovered pink or red lipstick back then.

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Almost parallel to the success of her single release "I Kissed a Girl" from her second album "One of the Boys" she discovered in 2008 the love for her trademark: the tight overall. This makes it easy for every 50ies pin-up competition. Not only her look, but also her music convinces: The album wins platinum nine times.

From now on, Katy Perry is a superstar. A shot of Cleopatra, a bit Betty Paige, mother of all pin-ups - the Perry look is ready. Is that beautiful or just weird? Take a look at the picture gallery.

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