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Lentil stew with trout

A deftiegr lentil stew with sausages is a popular home cooking.

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Finer is it, if you instead of sausage trout fillets in the stew. To do this, grate the fillets, place in preheated dishes and fill a ladle with hot soup.

Fry liver

Roast beef liver only very briefly and at medium temperature. Otherwise the meat will be tough.

Make Christmas noodles

Decorative Christmas noodles are made by rolling noodle dough thinly and sticking out stars, moons, fir trees, etc.

Salad with noodle crostini

Here's how it's done: Clean the lettuce, pick it into bite-sized pieces and spin dry. Wash and halve seedless grapes. Mix the dressing with raspberry vinegar, walnut oil, mustard, salt, pepper and sugar. Slice for the crostini baguette, cover with gorgonzola and half walnut kernels, bake at 200 ° C for about 5 - 7 minutes. Mix salad, grapes and dressing. Serve the salad with the warm crostini.

Peppers and fried potatoes

Fry the pepper strips with onion rings separately in a second pan and bring them under the prepared fried potatoes. To taste z. B. meatballs.

Tomato sauce with cream cheese

Tomato sauce for the pasta is deliciously creamy and spicy, if you stir in a little herb spread cheese.


Brussels sprouts taste less austere with a dash of milk in the cooking water.

Fresh check: When purchasing chicory, make sure that the interfaces are light and moist.

Battered crispbread is crispy again, put it briefly in the toaster.