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Bikini homemadeBikini crochet made easy - with instructions

Photo: Screenshot Youtube / DaWanda Germany
  1. We are hugging a bikini
  2. Crocheted bikini lookalikes to buy
  3. What kind of wool do you wear for bikini hammers?
  4. Crochet Bikini - the free guide:

We crochet a bikini

They are the current swimwear trend: crochet bikinis that mix the casual hippie look with nostalgia and make us look great on the beach. But crocheted bikinis are not cheap. A model of the currently hot label Kiini costs the equivalent of about 250 euros. Needless to say, manual labor has its price, but that's not the sum most of us are willing to spend on a bikini. But what to do? Of course, we crochet our favorite bikini of the year by yourself!

Crochet bikini lookalikes to buy

Which wool is used for bikini crocheting?

That depends a bit on how you want to use the bikini. Is one more the sunbather who lounges in the city park on the meadow? Then simple cotton suffices. It is also particularly suitable for wearing comfort on the skin. The downside - it's not for real water rats. If you want to jump into the cool water with your crochet bikini, you are most likely to use synthetic material. This is ideal.

Of course, there are no limits to the color of the crochet bikini. White, blue or red, everything is possible here. If you like, crochet the bikini with a lace pattern on the edge or embroider it after completion with small flowers or shells. The detailed instructions for a crochet bikini supplies and today DaWanda with MieziBerlin. We hope you enjoy crocheting and have a great summer!

Crochet the bikini - the free guide:

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