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Great video: scavenger hunt for the perfect marriage proposal

Photo: Screenshot / CandleLight Films

17 months planning

Handkerchief Alert Levy plans the perfect scavenger hunt for the perfect marriage proposal to his girlfriend Tiffany. A great video documents the wonderful day.

Ideally, the wedding is the best day in a couple's life. Levy has something else in mind. He thinks that a wedding can only be perfect if a perfect marriage proposal is anticipated. Therefore, he does everything so that his girlfriend experiences the best moments of her life on the very day Levy wants to hold her hand. He is planning a scavenger hunt for Tiffany.

Tiffany and Levy have had a long distance relationship between Southern California and Michigan for over three years. The two have already met a year before the first number exchange in the Rose Ball Stadium of Pasadena. This is exactly where the perfect marriage proposal should take place. However, Tiffany does not suspect anything of that - she is convinced that she has come to Spain for a celebration of her father-in-law.

Instead, not only a scavenger hunt, but also her best friends in California are waiting for her. Two of them suddenly stand with a letter to them at the door. But that's not all - Tiffany is led from one surprise to the next. A limousine filled with more friends drives the overwhelmed Tiffany not only to manicure, but also for shopping, because Levy does not leave any station. He wants his girlfriend to feel completely comfortable. Slips of paper lead them to their destination.

The terminus of the perfect day is also the starting point for married life. At Rose Bowl Stadium, her family is waiting for her - not forgetting Levy in the middle of the field. Barefoot and moved to tears Tiffany falls into his arms and of course says yes after such a day!

There are 17 months of planning behind the day. Even a film production has engaged Levy, so the perfect marriage proposal will be documented forever. Lucky for the spectators, who can now experience the wonderful day through the video and catch a glimpse of the great love between Levy and Tiffany. At the same time, Levy does not make it easy for future application planners - he raises the bar very high.