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So you can conquer Justin Bieber's heart

Justin betrays how a girl can conquer his heart

Justin Bieber

Superstar Justin Bieber is currently stirring the big drum for his new album "Believe". The "Bild" newspaper revealed to the girl swarm how a normal day in his superstar life looks like and how a girl can conquer his heart. For just six years, singer Justin Bieber has been in show business and has millions of fans worldwide. What does a normal day in Justin's life look like? "There is no normal day. My life is crazy, it's always something. Especially with my new album I can not relax. Little sleep, I keep up with Red Bull, "Justin revealed. When he has a day off, he does not go to clubs, but he is very good: "When I have time, I go bowling with my friends or going to the movies, " Justin says. The key to Justin's heart was the 18-year-old a devout believer, which also inspired him on his latest tattoo motif - the face of Jesus on Justin's calf - "I am very spiritual. I believe in God and thank him every day for the things he has blessed me with. "Thankfully, Justin is also for girlfriend Selena Gomez and betrayed immediately why she fell in love with him:" Yes, I'm already romantic. I like to be sweet to girls. I think you should always treat girls with respect. "Respect - Justin knows how to treat women. The question that millions of girls ask themselves: How to conquer the heart of the Superboys? "Conquer my heart? Well, she should just be honest with me and like me as a person - not the star. "That might not be so hard on such a charming gentleman like Justin - or girls? HD

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