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Study reveals: Paleo is not as healthy as expected

Paleo is not as healthy as expected
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Anyone who thinks Paleo is the key to a healthy diet needs to be brave now

Anyone who refrains from eating bread, pasta or sweets has one main goal: to eat healthy and lose weight. That promises the Paleo diet. This is based on non-industrially processed foods. "Food as in the Stone Age" is the motto. But researchers have now found that this type of diet carries health risks.

As raw as possible, natural and mature. Feeding like our ancestors did is a huge trend. Experts call the Stone Age diet "Paleo" diet, derived from the word Paleolithic, the Stone Age era.

On the menu of the Stone Age Diet, anything that is captured can be picked or collected. This is more than you would think spontaneously: everything is allowed, from meat and fish to eggs, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and honey. However, processed foods such as bread, dairy products, sugar, alcohol and ready meals are taboo. Like legumes, they are only prepared to be enjoyed. That means: low carb, but a lot of fat.

That's the problem: a mouse study has found that this type of diet carries many risks. Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes are the result. The same goes for humans. After the diet, they increase faster - especially when suddenly carbohydrates are on the menu again.

Of course, a study on mice is not one-to-one transmitted to humans. Nevertheless, modern research allows conclusions to be drawn on whether a one-sided diet makes sense in the long run. After all, we have evolved since the cavemen. Maybe that's why we also need a different diet.

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