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Cheap designer bags: We love these 7 bargains!

Leo love: shoulder bag by Tory Burch via, about 176 euros.
Photo: Manufacturer

So cheap you can shop must-haves

Designer pieces are only available for astronomical sums? Not quite, because these statement bags are also something for the smaller purse - our favorites are here.

Let's be honest: we would all like the perfect handbag that turns any outfit into a million-dollar look in an instant . But those who look around in expensive high-fashion stores are usually bitterly disappointed by the price tag. Therefore, you do not have to hang your head right now!

Fortunately , there are still outlets and of course the Sale, where we can buy our future favorite accessories at less utopian prices. And there you get for less than 200 euros so much.

What that is and where you can shop the cheap designer bags, you can see in the picture gallery above to click through. Maybe our seven darlings are the right ones for you?

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