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Photoshop-Free: ModCloth promises not to retouch models

Nice, of course: ModCloth does not retouch anything!

Onlineshop commits itself as the first fashion label

"Everything is real!" - we would like that from more advertising. A step in the right direction now made the online shop ModCloth with the promise to do without the retouching of model photos.

ModCloth is already known for presenting models with different dress sizes. Marketing Director Nancy Ramamurthi said, "We do not have professional models since 2002 - we've never been a company that has changed photos of our models, we've had hundreds of designers who have produced clothing for our site, and we've worked hard to make to ensure that it can be worn by women of different dress sizes. "

This makes the American store the first to sign the pledge that is part of the "Truth in Advertising" initiative . According to the agreement, ModCloth may retouch photos, but must then mark them particularly and may not make them accessible to under-13s. The "Truth in Advertising" initiative was initiated by Seth Matlins, who gave up his advertising job to ensure more honesty in the colorful world of advertising . Incidentally, the family man next plans to have Dove cosmetics brand signed as well.

We say thank you! Because we really do not believe that Kate Moss with 40 still has the skin of a 12-year-old and Claudia Schiffer a perfect snub nose. Is that bad? Certainly not - after all, models are only human.