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Bikini Guide Swimwear: Which bikini suits me?

You were dissatisfied with your bikini last year? Maybe he just was not right for your proportions? Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your beach figure.

Dark blue bikini from the line "Playa Paradiso" with highwaist-pants by Rosa Faia.
Photo: Rosa Faia
  1. Which swimwear suits which figure?
  2. Which bikini do I wear best with a small bust?
  3. What do I wear with a big bosom?
  4. Which bikini fits with a big belly?
  5. What should I look for in broad hips and lots of buttocks?
  6. Which bikini fits with little waist and narrow hips?
  7. Which swimwear fits with strong thighs?
  8. Which swimwear suits a total of chubby women?
  9. Which swimwear brights under the fabric?

Which swimwear suits which figure?

Soon, the holiday season starts again, but a look in the wardrobe reveals: the bikini from last year has had its day. Never sat well! The breast was not supported - rather the opposite - and the panties cut in the buttocks. Stop it! We've had enough of wrong-fitting swimwear. After all, you just want to look good on the beach, where little blemishes remain hidden. But which bikini suits me? Here are styling tips to make your purchase decision easier.

Which bikini do I wear best with a small bust?

A small bust can of course always be helped with a push-up to more size. Also halter neck and ruffled tops are visually on top. If you like it sportier, you can also use a triangle bikini. They are also available with integrated padding and are especially good for slim women.

What do I wear with a big breast?

Always an eye-catcher at the pool! A big bosom looks great in a bikini - provided he gets the right support. Therefore, always grab a bikini top with hangers that will sculpt beautifully and hold everything in place. Also make sure that the bikini has wide straps. If these are too narrow, cut quickly through the weight in the shoulders. Ouch!

Which bikini fits with a big belly?

A little wealthy tummy is for everyone, after all, the food on holiday often tastes twice as good. Who wants to hide it prefers to Tankinis. The top shape of the upper part of the belly is covered, and can be easily nip up while sunbathing. Monokinis are also ideal partners if you do not want to show your stomach.

What should I look for in broad hips and a lot of buttocks?

Stay away from bright tones and wild patterns, both visually enhancing. Opt for a dark blue, green or black. Ruffle at optimally chosen places distract optically from the padding. Highwaist panties also cheat slim. If they also have a high-cut leg - perfect! Because: so even the legs are optically extended. No-Go: Hotpants! Although women like to grab at the straight-cut panties, because they cover a lot, but often make optically short legs and wider in the hips.

Which bikini fits with little waist and narrow hips?

Choose a bikini to lace up, the playful straps flatter your athletic figure. At best, your swimwear should additionally be patterned or have ruffles. All three will give you more curves. Our trend tip: For athletic types especially the neoprene bikinis by Triangl are very popular.

Which swimwear fits with strong thighs?

Women tend to want to conceal their supposed problem areas. But sometimes that's just the wrong way. If you think you suffer from thick thighs, you should not reach for bikini bottoms that are straight cut. These panties optically compress the leg and make it look shorter. Reach for bikini bottoms or swimsuits that have a high leg cut, they stretch strong thighs and make them look slimmer.

Which swimwear suits a total of chubby women?

You are all around chubby and do not want to do without the bikini? You do not have to. After all, when it comes to holidays, it's all about feeling good. So combine some styling tricks from the tips above. For example, choose a bikini top with wide straps and integrated straps. That supports a big breast. Choose from the panties a model that has a high leg cut. If you want to cover your stomach a bit, you also need a high-waist version. But if you still want to cover up a little more, you may of course throw light beach clothes or pareos.

Which swimwear tans under the fabric?

There are actually bikinis and swimsuits that are UV-permeable - and cause a tanning effect under the fabric. This one gets among other things. By the way: If you do not mind showing off a lot of skin on the beach and you want to tan seamlessly at any price, you can use the C-string. What is that? A kind of micro-panties that really only hard-boiled in public will present.

Not in beach shape yet? Do not stress, with these last-minute tips for the bikini figure's determined a great holiday in great shape.

(Photos: Rosa Faia, iStock Illustration)

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