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Pumpkins in the windowsill

You need this:

Photo: deco & style
  • 1-2 layers of moss (from the florist)
  • maybe plastic wrap
  • old clay pots of different sizes (from the flea market or weathered out of the garden)
  • 1 jug or taller jar
  • Dekopilze standing on a base (Dekoladen, about 3.50 €)
  • tealights
  • different ornamental squashes
  • Autumnal natural materials such as rose hips, chestnuts, leaves, berries, tree bark etc. (collected by the florist or himself)

It's that easy:

1. Place moss on the window sill (possibly use foil as underlay for sensitive equipment).

2. Arrange clay pots and jug on top. Always put the jug or tall container in the background to create a harmonious overall picture.

3. Put deco mushrooms in the arrangement and cover the foot with moss.

4. Put tealights in small pots. Note that no risk of fire can arise.

5. Distribute the pumpkins to the other pottery or moss. To lay down autumnal materials for loosening or place in the pot.