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True love: married couple celebrates 72nd wedding anniversary

Even after 72 years, the couple holds in love hands.
Photo: Screenshot / WMUR-TV

love at first sight

Peter and Mary Funk have something special to celebrate: their 72nd wedding anniversary! The touching couple reveals in an interview that true love exists at first sight!

It was the 25th of November, 1942, when Peter and Mary gave the yes-word. This year, they are celebrating their 72nd wedding day. The couple got to know each other as teens and love them immediately. Immediately, both of them immediately mean that even today, when Peter and Mary talk about their first meeting, they get into raptures.

It's a question that keeps coming up and dividing the romantics and realists. Is there love at first sight? Some believe in them, some are convinced that they do not exist. Love arises only when one gets to know one's own, reason speaks. But can feelings be rationalized?

Peter and Mary Funk are sure: true love at first sight exists. When the couple saw each other for the first time, it immediately crashed, the husband in love reports today in an interview with WMUR9. Much has happened in 72 years of marriage. Peter and Mary are no longer alone. At the age of 90, they are surrounded by their seven children, 15 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

The moving video of the married couple convinced even skeptics that there is still true love. Even on her 72nd wedding day holding hands has not become boring yet.