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What death in the dream means

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Dream Interpretation: death

Do not panic! According to the interpretation of dreams, death first of all announces a change. We finish something to start something new.

To take away from you the fear: death in dreams means nothing bad. On the contrary: In the ancient Indian dream interpretation, death marks a new phase of life and even stands as a symbol of joie de vivre and health. Those who dream of death usually announce significant changes. It may be necessary to venture into the unknown in certain areas of life.

From A like farewell to Z like teeth - what our dreams reveal, shows the Dream Interpretation Gallery (20 pictures):

Death dreams before a new beginning

Dreams of death often occur when a new phase of life is approaching - for example, in the transition from puberty to adulthood or, in women, during menopause. Such dreams are a signal that we need to change our attitude to life and have the courage to accept radical change.

If a person's head is cut off or someone is buried in a dream, it symbolically means that one has concluded something or is accepting a new attitude.

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