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Fashionable weather forecast with Weather Butler app

So that we are no longer fashionable in the rain, the Weather Butler app gives styling tips based on the weather forecast.
Photo: Silke Woweries / Corbis

Instead of temperatures, there's T-shirt or trenchcoat weather

Changing weather always brings us into a fashion dilemma. In airy clothes, we freeze, with a sweater it is quickly too warm. And which shoes do we wear? The Weather Butler app helps with fashionable weather forecast!

"Yeah, finally summer!", We cheered a few weeks ago. But instead of 30-degree outdoor weather hangs over our heads a gray permanent cloud. This not only affects the mood, but also the health. For joy over the date in the calendar, we get a cold after the other thanks to the airy yes-finally-summer outfit.

Looking around the streets, not only does this summer sickness affect us, but at the moment the city centers are already populated by brightly colored women at the first glimpse of sunshine, clawing at their frozen yoghurt behind large sunglasses and trembling lightly. We've earned the new dresses and sandals, no matter how windy or cold it may be! Or?

Stop it, because here comes the first weather report that is fun! The Weather Butler App helps us with the everyday "what to wear today" question!

The Weather Butler app displays the weather for the desired location in the three time intervals of four hours, 12 hours and the following day and gives tips on which clothes are most suitable for the respective weather conditions.

Our prediction for the fun factor of this app: Cheerful instead of cloudy!