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Jewelry with meaning Buddha jewelry: All facts and models to the trend

Does the gently smiling Buddha sooth you so much? Or do you simply like the wise words of the teacher? Then Buddha jewelry is right for you. Here are some nice examples.

We find the meaning of Buddha jewelry so beautiful!
Photo: PR: Happinez
  1. Buddha Ring
  2. Mala chain onyx aventurine
  3. Buddha Bracelet
  4. Buddha jewelry - what is that anyway?
  5. Buddha jewelry - the meaning
  6. Buddha in yoga jewelry - why?
  7. Buddha - who was that?

Buddha jewelry is highly sought after by yogis and yoginis. Here are three examples of Buddha jewelry in ring, chain and bracelet form.

Buddha Ring

Das bedeutet der Buddha-Schmuck
The ring reminds us that it is never too late to restart
Photo: PR: Happinez

Buddha's Wise Words "You can always begin again" are engraved deep in this beautiful wide silver ring and reminds you every day that every day can be a fresh start and never too late for Changes is.

All facts at a glance:

  • Ring in solid sterling silver with engraving
  • Size individually adjustable
  • Choice between sizes S / M (17 mm) and M / L (18 mm)

Here you will find the ring

Mala chain onyx aventurine

Das bedeutet der Buddha-Schmuck
The Buddha necklace should give you enlightenment and strength
Photo: PR: Happinez

This precious Buddha necklace has been crafted from cut onyx and aventurine beads into an elegant gemstone mala. The high quality necklace ends in a sterling silver amulet engraved with the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" . The Tibetan mantra appeals to your compassion and is a mantra for the path to enlightenment . Onyx is designed to give you strength, while Aventurine should provide for serenity . The short orange thread on the amulet recalls the traditional Tibetan prayer flags.

All facts at a glance:

  • A chain of cut, smooth onyx and aventurine beads
  • Sterling silver amulet
  • Total length of the necklace: about 80 centimeters

Here you will find the Mala chain

Buddha Bracelet

Das bedeutet der Buddha-Schmuck
The Buddha bracelet reminds us of love in the here and now
Photo: PR: Happinez

A memory of love gives you this delicate, simple Buddha bracelet. The following words are engraved on a round silver amulet: "LOVE in the past is only a memory. LOVE in the future is only a fantasy. TRUE LOVE just lives in the here and now " . Translated, this means something like: "LOVE in the past is just a memory. LOVE in the future is just a fantasy. TRUE LOVE just lives in the here and now. " The amulet is attached to a simple leather bracelet, which is wrapped twice around the wrist.

All facts at a glance:

  • 35 cm long, double wound leather bracelet
  • Sterling silver amulet, bezel and clasps

Here you will find the Buddha Bracelet

Buddha jewelry - what is that anyway?

In short, Buddha jewelry is simply jewelry that has something to do with Buddha. This can be done in the form of a Buddha image on a piece of jewelry, for example as a pendant. Some of the many wise words of the Buddhist teacher are also engraved in amulets or embroidered in bracelets. In the broadest sense, the traditional Malas also belong to the Buddha jewelry, because they are used by many Buddhists to recite mantras and worn around the neck or on the wrist. Since Hindus also use the Malas in their prayer tradition, Malas can not speak exclusively of Buddha chains. Incidentally, Buddha jewelry is available in all forms of Buddha chains, Buddha bracelets, Buddha rings and Buddha earrings. You are not fixed here.

Buddha jewelry - the meaning

Every yogi and non-yogi can wear Buddha jewelery, whether he or she is a Buddhist or not . Because in addition to the deep spiritual reasons, it can also be very reassuring to know a Buddha image in the vicinity, the smiling Buddha radiates great calm to many people. Your favorite quote may also help you to practice serenity or remind you of emotions and thoughts that you may forget in everyday life. Some people also like to touch his Buddha jewel in moments of uncertainty or when everything is just too much and only deep controlled breathing can help.

Buddha in yoga jewelry - why?

Although Buddhism and Yoga are similar in some ways, they end up with two distinct and clearly separated teachings . Nonetheless, Buddhists can be yogis and yogis Buddhists - and that's not uncommon. Because in the end, they all seek out the wisdom of both teachings, which feel right for them. Since Buddhism and Yoga overlap in many areas of the world view, it is often not difficult at all. Accordingly, not only are Buddha statues placed in many yoga studios, but Buddha jewelery worn by yoga practitioners on the body.

Buddha - who was that?

For a quick refresher: Buddha was actually called Siddhartha Gautama . Although he is sometimes worshiped as a god, he was a human being - an enlightened one, however. And this man founded Buddhism . The teaching of Buddha is counted as the fourth world religion , but renounces the worship of God, as it is common in Christianity, Islam and Judaism.