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Advertising Supervisor prohibits campaign with skim model

At last! The UK's regulators are taking action: A campaign by Yves Saint Laurent is now banned because the model is clearly too thin. The photo of the emaciated model is criticized as "irresponsible".

Legs thin as matches - this photo is worrisome
Photo: YSL

A young woman is lounging in expensive designer clothes on the floor of a room. Actually, the perfect glossy motif: But what should look sexy, looks somehow wrong. Stiff and too edgy, the model is there. An almost painful sight, because the young woman is little more than skin and bones. Ribs that protrude and legs that can not distinguish thighs from lower legs are not aesthetically pleasing, but simply worrying .

This is exactly what the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is looking at. A bad role model for young girls? In any case, says the ASA. The campaign is an example of the fact that design labels would propagate unhealthy underweight.

"The ASA believes that the model's pose and special lighting effect draw attention to the rib cage from which the ribs are visible and stand out clearly"

Insight from Yves Saint Laurent? Wrong! According to the British "Guardian", those responsible for the campaign have denied that the model was too thin. And that is exactly the problem: Many labels continue to work with skinny models despite the public protests. Arguments like: Fashion is better presented on extremely thin models, still exist in haute couture.

In public, the opinion about thin models seems to turn more and more. Again and again, campaigns with frighteningly thin women are causing protests among consumers. Most recently, the Danish magazine Cover caused a fine skinny scandal. An obviously anorexic model was "accidentally" reprinted. The sheet apologizes and stated that it did not act on purpose.

Nevertheless: skinny models remain reality in the fashion industry. All the better to know that authorities and politics are involved.

#YSL advert with 'unhealthily thin' model banned in UK

- Capital FM Kenya (@CapitalFM_kenya) June 3, 2015

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