Recommended, 2022

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Cushion with painted coral

  • Light pillow (eg

      from Ikea, Ritva; 50 x 50 cm; about 6 euros)
    • something cardboard
    • Self-adhesive template (eg from Brico, No. Stencil 462)
    • red fabric paint for light textiles (eg by C. Kreul, craft shop)
    • Old paper plate
    • Sponge or Stupfpinsel
    • Iron

    1. Put a cardboard in the pillow so that the paint does not penetrate and sag.

    2. Stick on self-adhesive stencil with coral motif.

    3. Put some textile paint on the paper plate and dab the motif with a sponge or brush.

    4. Continue ramifications of the coral at will. To do this, carefully pull off the template, clean it if necessary and put it back again.

    5. Let the paint dry thoroughly.

    6. Fix the motif by ironing according to the manufacturer's instructions.