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Rihanna's fourfold wax figures

Stars and their wax figures: Rihanna

They are already in London and Washington DC

Rihanna and her wax figures
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And now in Hollywood and Las Vegas: We're talking about Rihanna's wax figures! We show the wax supply and reveal which figure has succeeded better.

Double Lottchen? No, the recently five-fold Rihanna is here! Of the sexy singer, there are now no fewer than four wax figures. In 2010 they got one in Washington, DC, followed by one in London in 2011 and two Rihannas were unveiled on November 13, 2012 - one in Hollywood, one in Las Vegas and both, of course, Madame Tussauds!

The wax figures of Rihanna & Co. shows our gallery.

If only the question arises: Which wax figure was particularly well-made? The one in Hollywood definitely wears the hotter outfit. It shows almost naked in a set of bra and waist panties, all over with rhinestones. We remember: Rihanna wore a similar outfit on her "Loud" tour this year.

The other waxworks in Las Vegas are a bit buttoned - if you can say that at Rihanna! She is wearing a skin-colored catsuit with white bondage elements, like Rihanna wore on her Last Girl On Earth tour in 2010.

Rihanna's wax figures are sexy and almost naked

But which of the two Rihanna's is the better one? The Hollywood edition has harder abdominals than Rihanna herself, but only wears almost the same outfit. After all, the other one got exactly the same outfit, but wears a lot of make-up. Difficult! Let's just say: Both of them are Madame Tussaud's really well done and we are curious if there will soon be a wax Rihanna at the German offshoot in Berlin!

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