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Tinker magnets yourself: It's so easy

These homemade magnets let in the spring
Photo: deco & stye

Practical helpers

With these pretty magnets, nothing is lost - recipes, appointments, notes stay exactly where they belong.

You need this for the magnets:

  • white modeling clay (eg Creall or Fimo, craft shop)
  • acrylic role
  • round biscuit cutter or glasses about 5 cm and 2 cm
  • Acrylic paint (eg yellow and purple)
  • Magnets about 2 cm (craft shop)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • brush

And that's how easy it is:

1. Knead the modeling clay and roll out about 5 mm thick with the acrylic roller.

2. Cut out 5 larger and 1 small circle per flower.

3. 4 large circles are pressed into a square on the small circle.

4. Put the last big circle slightly offset down between two other circles. Press gently.

5. Now form the "petals" upwards and press the middle inwards. B. the round end of the brush to help.

6. Allow flowers to dry in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

7. Paint flowers as you like with acrylic paint.

8. Stick magnets to the back with hot glue. Let it dry thoroughly.

Prop: plank marble / wood: HK Living, approx. 49.95 €, green marble boards: Broste Copenhagen, pepper mill: Menu, approx. 59.95 €, white pitcher: gray stitches, Menu A / S, approx. 34.95 €

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