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Phenomenon Blog: Are you still blogging, or are you already living?

"The more in life, the less happens on the blog"
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"You used to have a journal, today it's a blog."

What was previously entrusted to the diary, posted today on his blog. That can be exciting, sometimes useful - or boring. At least when people write more than they experience

It somehow feels like it used to when I forgot my homework. What do I tell my girlfriend Sara, when she sits opposite me to the wine and wants to know how I like the entry to her eyelash extensions, the self-sewn hair bands in Heidi look or whatever she has posted this week? That I just could not make it? The server has crashed? Or the truth: that I find her blog about as exciting as a university seminar on the feminist level of interpretation of "Alien III"? And sometimes I secretly ask myself: how important does one have to take oneself in order to put each bun shop online?

It's good that there are blogs, perfectly clear. That everyone has a platform to voice their grievances critically. People from places that journalists may not have access to. It's also fun to share everyday observations with others. These can be little things, with individual benefits. Aha, in Osaka you wear now ballet shoes with colorful fishnet tights - could be that you have just been looking for a crazy outfit idea . And this band from the Canadian Pampa, of which no one has heard anything, you should already listen to, which will probably be the next big thing. Great. But what's going on in my girlfriend's life, I would like to learn from her personally, not have to track somewhere on the Internet. Anyway, would not you read a really great blog anyway, without the writer having to help out? Recently, someone from my circle of friends has decided that his life belongs to the network. And answered with the first sentence, even why his mother (Follower: 1) will pay attention to the standard revelation stories, if she does not have too much ironing: "I do not know if the world needs this blog, probably not, but I write You used to have a journal, today it's a blog. "

Unfortunately, many understand that. But reading a diary (purely hypothetical, of course) is exciting, because there are things in there that nobody should know. The semi-public of private blogs that reveal trivialities, but where it gets exciting or could be offended, ends up not captivating. Blogs are always good if someone not only tries to polish his everyday life with neon-colored backgrounds and photos in a retro look, but has something to tell. This can be a recipe for a sensational blueberry pie, an amateur video of a volcanic eruption or a vicious analysis of the latest "Germany's Next Top Model" episode . Not only: something. No entry at all is always better than trivialities like blowing them out into the world: "I'm back on a dry spell of blogging, so I'm going to play a round of StarCraft."

A friend of mine went on a trip to Southeast Asia a few months ago, including a blog. How nice, I thought, that I may come along, at least virtually. But at first, she must have spent so much time at the internet café that there was nothing left for adventure. Instead, pages of texts about what she had learned about the Khmer Rouge, as well as updates to her ever-changing bowel situation ("My embarrassing moment of the day was when I had to wipe my butt with cigarette papers") - by the way, something to which some Bloggers are prone to spreading things you do not want to know. Then, finally, it got exciting. A handsome Texan appeared, his name was Devin, and the next day the two of them wanted to travel together, to Laos. There the entries end. And that's pretty often. Because life outside the internet is suddenly much more exciting. And the spectator you most wanted to impress is right next to you. With Facebook comes from the people, in which particularly much happens in life, even the least.

Sometimes the bloggers are a bit sorry for me, the pressure to experience must be huge. Everyone wants to keep watching funny things, telling exciting stories, discovering new things, so that someone can still come in. How should you do that? After all, blogging itself also costs time. And then you miss one, to experience great stuff with friends that you could put online super. If you are on Facebook only under pressure, if you have the same profile photo for four weeks ("Change that, because you look very arrogant!"), Must be on a blog always something going on. 22 clock and nothing happened yet? Then you simply take pictures of your food. Or is still going on the party, to which one had no desire. You can then take pictures while dancing. With Prosecco Aperol in hand and right next to the serial star, which happens to be there as well. After a lot of fun this picture should look like. Just being left out would be so much easier if the pressure of re-reporting was not.

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